This page will be a portal to a section on this website exclusively devoted to Sonoran Desert Wildlife, and in particular, the special critters I’ve had the pleasure of befriending and filming. It is an ongoing project -- a mini-website in the making. So thank you for your patience and please check back often for updates. Among the creatures sighted by me, featured, and sometimes filmed or photographed (see videos page) are:


mexican gray wolf
desert cottontail rabbit
antelope jackrabbit
black-tailed jackrabbit
round-tailed ground squirrel
rock squirrel
harris antelope squirrel
white-tailed antelope squirrel
javelina (collared peccary)
mule deer
kit fox
gray fox
mountain lion
desert kangaroo rat
cactus mouse
bat (unidentified)


gila monster
desert iguana
desert spiny lizard
desert tortoise
western diamondback rattlesnake
mojave rattlesnake
sidewinder rattlesnake
gopher snake
longnose snake
leaf-nosed snake
western banded gecko
side-blotched lizard
tree lizard
zebra-tailed lizard
eastern fence lizard
garter snake
desert whiptail lizard


sonoran desert toad
red-spotted toad
woodhouse toad
couch's spadefoot toad


red-tailed hawk
northern harrier hawk
sharp-shinned hawk
cooper’s hawk
zone-tailed hawk
ferruginous hawk
swainson's hawk
harris hawk
common black hawk
peregrine falcon
prairie falcon
great horned owl
western screech owl
burrowing owl
white-tailed kite
turkey vulture


greater roadrunner
common raven
gambel’s quail
dove (several varieties)
bullock’s oriole
scott’s oriole
hooded oriole
northern cardinal
pyrrhuloxia (silver cardinal)
curve-billed thrasher
bendire’s thrasher
lazuli bunting
gila woodpecker
flicker woodpecker (northern and gilded)
house finch
cassin’s finch
cactus wren
rock wren
red-winged blackbird
western kingbird
western tanager
brown-headed cowbird
western bluebird
european starlings
barn swallows
lesser night hawk
horned lark
western meadowlark
black phoebe
say’s phoebe
butterbutt (yellow-rumped warbler)
dark-eyed junco
dusky flycatcher
vermillion flycatcher
blue-gray gnatcatcher
black-tailed gnatcatcher
red-winged blackbird
yellow-headed blackbird
chipping sparrow
song sparrow
white-crowned sparrow
abert's towhee
spotted towhee
summer tanager
great-tailed grackle
black-headed grosbeak
rose-breasted grosbeak
great egret
cattle egret
green heron
great blue heron
common poorwill
anna’s hummingbird
costa’s hummingbird
black-chinned hummingbird
black-necked stilt
american coot
green heron
blue heron
night heron
common moorhen
glossy ibis
wild duck (several varieties)
many unidentified!


desert wolf spider
giant crab spider (golden huntsman)
tarantula hawk
desert honey bee
paper wasp
orange skimmer (flame) dragonfly
blue-eyed darner dragonfly
common green darner dragonfly
arizona blister beetle (lytta magister)
iron-cross blister beetle
convergent lady beetle
palo verde root borer
dung beetle
milkweed tussock caterpillar
desert millipede
ground mantis
praying mantis
horn worm
european earwig
mormon cricket
pallid-winged grasshopper
creosote walkingstick
western short-horned walkingstick
green lacewing
desert leafcutter ant
harvester ant
leafcutter bees
carpenter bees
honey bees
sonoran bumble bee
house fly
fig beetle
western black widow
desert brown recluse (fiddleback)
funnel web
velvet mites
tail-less whipscorpion
bark scorpion
giant hairy scorpion
long-jawed longhorn beetle
armored stink beetle
cactus long-horned beetle
many unidentified


painted lady
funereal duskywing
reskirt’s blue
pipevine swallowtail
white-lined hummingbird sphinx
milkweed tussock
many unidentified

MEANWHILE, as the other site is building, here’s a preview to what you can expect from Judy’s YouTube Channel - Sonoran Desert Wildlife & More:

May what is discovered here benefit all beings...